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As a church leader for the last 15 years, these topics surround the management and running of the church organization.

Change is good – if its handled well

The Bible gives us clear principles for navigating change in our churches.  Sadly, while the business world has become wise to these principles - we often skip them over.

Managing the “idea” monster

Ideas are a dime a dozen.  Idea people are everywhere. Healthy organizations change.  However, if as a leader you do not know how to systematically handle ideas, urges, impressions, "words from God", thoughts, or suggestions the following with inevitably happen...

Pastors aren’t trained to be Leaders….but they can be

The truth is, most pastors are desperately needing leadership training.  Bible Colleges help mature Christians but few develop develop leaders of leaders. Disciples require discipleship.  Churches require leadership. Here's how to develop a leadership development culture in your church...

Review Your Employees – template

Without adequate review based on metrics, its impossible to measure success / failure / growth etc.  Here's a sample simple review template that can be used.

Small Group Proposal Form

Use this form to get all small group leaders on the same page for the launch of a new small group season.  Use it as a chance to train and coach small group leaders.

Volunteer Survey

One of the greatest tools to determine the capacities of your leaders is a volunteer survey. Here is one I used a few years back that proved successful.

Volunteer Covenant

create a volunteer covenant that helps you to get everyone on the same page

Secular Missional Communities

What the rotary club taught me about missional communities

Developing a Baptism System

In evangelical churches, pastors and leaders are commissioned with the task of putting in place a system of recruiting, teaching, and administering baptism.  What do you teach?  How do you teach?  What's the system?

A “care system” for your church

Part of the responsibility of the local church is to care for people.  People inside and people outside. If you ever embrace that call - and open the door - its hard to put that monster back inside the closet. Here's how to manage the care monster...