New Believers

Getting Baptized

The purpose of this teaching is to help you understand what baptism is about and why its the next step in your journey of faith... Read More

Reading the Bible

The Bible is a collection of moments in time that God interacted with other people in past history. Yet more than this, the Bible is... Read More

Talking to God – Prayer

Prayer is… Prayer is simply talking to God.  It’s communication that needs to flow out of our heart (Ps 18:6; Mark 15:34) simply (Matthew 6:7)... Read More

How to Find a Church

One of the most important things you can do as a new follower of Jesus is to find a church. There are thousands who have... Read More

How to Study the Bible

Approaching The Bible (Josh 1:8; Ps 1; Ps 119) There are a variety of ways that we can approach the Bible Reading: An everyday discipline... Read More

Promises For Life

Here are a couple of amazing promises that God has given you as a result of your decision to serve Him. 1. You are completely... Read More

The Good News

Let’s take a moment to recall the main message the Bible teaches us… 1. God loves you!!! God loves you and created you with great... Read More