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Help the people you serve during the moments that they need you the most

Unity Candle

the unity candle ceremony

Memorial Candle

learn how to celebrate a loved one who has passed away - during a celebrational wedding

Rose Ceremony

celebrating through natures gift

Time Capsule

Set yourself up to celebrate five to ten years from your wedding day

Wine Ceremony

Utilization of drinks to symbolize the unity of two individuals

Sand Ceremony

sand ceremony - a modern unity ceremony

Foot Washing Ceremony

a beautiful symbol of servitude that is the point and focus of marriage.

Celtic Hand fastening

While hand fastening has had a variety of expressions in history – both secular, religious, and pagan – it was always a way to announce the betrothal / engagement of a couple to be married one year and one day into the future.

Modern Persian

In the west, most couples with a Persian background will adapt most modern wedding ceremonies with the following traditional elements.

Modern Jewish Weddings

Jewish wedding customs and practices differ according to region and faith type – whether secular, liberal, conservative, or orthodox.

Filopino Catholic

The following represents a traditional Filopino Catholic Ceremony. It would normally be performed by an officiant when the ceremony is being held outside of the Catholic Church.

Catholic Wedding Ceremony

Used in an outdoor setting when not administered by a Catholic Priest but a wedding officiant

Congregational Wedding

Prelude - music during which the congregation and special guest are seated Call to Worship - brief, joyous salutation & acknowledgement of God's presence/a psalm? Processional Greeting Leave...

Planning 101

Where do you start, when you want to plan a wedding ceremony?

Sitting or Standing

does the wedding party sit or stand with the couple during the ceremony?

Outdoor Wedding Tips

Outdoor weddings are becoming increasingly popular. Here are a few tips to ensure that your wedding goes smoothly

Keeping Your Guests Interested

Let’s face it – more people attend the wedding reception than the wedding ceremony! Why? Most people think that the average wedding ceremony is boring

Ceremony Planning Tips

some tips as you build your ceremony

Writing Your Own Vows

Use these phrases to inspire and help you write your own vow

Culturally Inspired Vows

Culturally Inspired Vows Jewish Vows Groom Do you ____________, take _______ to be your wife? ("I do"). Do you promise to love, cherish and protect her, whether in good...

Traditional Vows

1 – loving and faithful I, ________________, take you, _____________, to be my wife/husband; and I promise before God and...


Contemporary ~Each vow’s title highlights its promises~ 1 – best friend & true love I, ______________, take you, ______________, to be my wife/husband, promising...

Sermon / Homily / Encouragement

This is the part of the ceremony that your wedding officiant will prepare to inspire both you and your invited guests.