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31 Lessons that can be used in groups, classes, one-on-one mentoring, and church wide campaigns.

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Training new or established group leaders, home church leaders, bible teachers, and one-on-one mentors.

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Assessments, playbooks, church systems, dashboard & rhythm creation, staff training, leadership coaching

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How to Respond to the Failure of Church Leaders

Over the years I’ve been personally affected by the failure of church leaders. As a young person, the pastor of my church was removed from leadership for actions of sexual...
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When you don’t have enough volunteers

No volunteers? I have never met a church that said we have enough staff and volunteers for the ministries that we imagine in our mind.  The opportunity to be busy...
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The 8 Benefits of Intentional Community Outreach

There are several benefits to getting your church in the regular rhythm of intentional community outreach. I’m not simply talking about one-off events. I’m talking about opportunities to make a...
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What does your church playbook look like?

As you grow from a small church to a big church, it is important that your church moves from an auditory culture to a written culture. I suggest putting together...
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Discipleship Systems Vs. Organizational Systems

For years, the local church has focused on developing a way to assimilate people who begin attending their church into participants in their church. Depending on how a church is...
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Moving Your Church to a Discipleship Mindset

One of the questions I get from Pastors is how they can move the pendulum to be more focused on discipleship in their church.  I’d like to give you a...
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Help People Find Their Tribe

Whether you go to church or not we all want one thing. A tribe to belong to. A group to call your own. People who are more than just acquaintances,...
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A new way to do church

If you track the way church has operated for hundreds of years, you will see striking similarities.   Structure In structure there is always a leader or group of leaders...
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Preparing For a Group Launch

By Emily Grabatin I drove into the parking lot of my group townhouse complex, feeling nervous yet excited, unqualified yet confident. My mind ran through each name and detail. It...
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Rev. Jonathan Gallo grew up in Toronto, in one of the cities most multicultural neighborhoods. Not only was he exposed to a variety of beliefs and cultures from an early age, but he learned what it meant to work out his own faith at the same time.  From early on, he would  go with his dad to disciple new believers across the city.

While attending the University of Toronto, Jonathan reconfirmed his early faith and felt the call to full-time ministry. Since Bible College, he has served in churches from 40 to 4000.  He has planted a church, started a non-profit (Community Crew), served as a Discipleship & Executive Pastor for over 10 years, and started and sold various business’.

He has personally discipled hundreds of new believers and helped train hundreds of leaders to be effective at discipleship in their church.  He has recently launched out to help pastors increase the discipleship engagement in their church.