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Over the past twenty years, Jonathan has pastored in churches of forty to four thousand in Canada and the United States.  He has planted a church, led as Executive Pastor, started non-profits, served as a church consultant, and led at a denominational level.  He has personally discipled hundreds of new believers, trained leaders, and helped churches to become effective in discipleship.

Executive Consultation – helping leaders navigate challenges: organizational, operations, ministry, team, culture, systems, issue-focused, change, and more.

Speaking Engagements – churches, conferences, workshops, retreats, staff meetings, and training sessions.

Resources – books, courses, and online leadership library.


  • Jonathan has been investing his time and talent into the local church for many years now. He is experienced, qualified, and effective! If you are looking for consultation related to your church or organization, in particular in the area of disciple-making, then I wholeheartedly recommend his services!


    Joel Spiridigliozzi
    Regional Director, WOD, PAOC
  • Jonathan Gallo has been a tremendous blessing to our organization. In the past year, John came alongside us, took the time to thoroughly understand our context, and offered insightful feedback, which resulted in significant and transformative results. Because of his help, we have greatly impacted our organization in several ways, especially seeing our revenue grow and our staff better aligned. We are truly thankful for our partnership with his organization.

    Olu Jegede
    Lead Pastor, Christian Centre Church
  • Do you ever wish you could have a map that would help you navigate the complexities of life? Fortunately, we have such a gift in the Bible. Although we know this, the challenge for many of us is how to read, interpret, and apply it. This book will help you figure that out. This book will not tell you what to think but will help you learn how to apply the timeless Truths found in God’s Word for yourself. I highly recommend it for anyone who is looking to go deeper in their faith.

    Bill Markham
    Lead Pastor, Central Community Church
  • Jon has spent the majority of his life being discipled and discipling others. He is a trusted and respected pastor, leader and teacher. As such, he has taken great strides in creating a guide for churches to utilize in their mandate to “make disciples.” This is a compelling journey that increases the passion of a new follower of Christ to lean in hard to the truths of the teachings of the Bible. This is a timely wake up all for the church to return to the basics of faith and to the intimacy of following Jesus Christ

    Mark Collins
    WOD Leadership Coach

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