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Train your team to plan and lead groups or home churches that align with your church’s vision. 

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Helping you build discipleship culture in your church that activates members and sees new believers become reproducing members. Integrated systems, training leaders, providing resources and support.


Rev. Jonathan Gallo grew up in Toronto, in one of the cities most multicultural neighborhoods. Not only was he exposed to a variety of beliefs and cultures from an early age, but he learned what it meant to work out his own faith at the same time.  From early on, he would  go with his dad to disciple new believers across the city.

While attending the University of Toronto, Jonathan reconfirmed his early faith and felt the call to full-time ministry. Since Bible College, he has served in churches from 40 to 4000.  He has planted a church, started a non-profit (Community Crew), served as a Discipleship & Executive Pastor for over 10 years, and started and sold various business’.

He has personally discipled hundreds of new believers and helped train hundreds of leaders to be effective at discipleship in their church.  He has recently launched out to help pastors increase the discipleship engagement in their church.


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