7 Systems For Your Church

Just as the human body is made up of 11 major systems that work in harmony (Circulatory, Digestive, Respiratory, Reproductive, Immune, Muscular, Skeletal, Nervous, etc.) the church is made up of several systems that all work together.

Are you clear about the systems of your church?  Do they work together?  Do they work at all?

As you find clarity for the systems of your church working in peak performance, you are better able to lead your church into its preferred future.

Numinous System Our regular corporate tangible connection with God.  This could be through services, corporate prayer, or other moments in time.

Organization System – Our structure, leadership flow, and provide clarity through decision making in vision, strategic planning, core convictions, policies & procedures.

Operational System – Functions that support the organization: Building, HR, Accounting, Legal, Metrics, IT, Communication

People System – How we facilitate levels of relationship, unity, and reconciliation within the church.

Regeneration – How we connect with people into a relationship with God by building community bridges collectively and individually.

Disciple-Making – How we help people birth to death grow in their faith from new follower to spiritual grandparent.

Reproducing System – How we multiply ourselves as a sending and releasing community into other self-sustaining communities.

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