Spiritual Growth

Downloadable discipleship lessons with questions and answers on various topics

Understanding the Bible

The Bible contains 66 books – 39 books in the Old Testament and 27 books in the New Testament. The Bible is divided into two parts, the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament) and Christian Writings (New Testament).  The Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament) were written by over thirty authors over a span of 1400 years in Hebrew...
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What Is The Bible?

The Bible Is Not… A. A Book On Science…even though it contains scientific insights ahead of its time? On the Universe Time and Space – Gen 1:1,3 The Beginning – Gen 1 An Initial Void – Gen 1 An Expanding Universe – Is 40:22 Space is Empty – Job 26:7 That Hole In The North...
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Does God want us to be poor or prosper?

There are two extreme views on money in the church. I believe both these views are wrong. False belief: God wants us to be poor! False belief: God wants us to be rich! I believe the biblical response is to pray for prosperity.
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Jesus Set Boundaries

Do you realize that Jesus set boundaries for his family, his disciples, and those he ministered to? Boundaries are healthy and we need to learn how to set them in our life.
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Unforgiveness, Bitterness, Judgement

How we respond to rejection matters.  Here are three negative ways: Unforgiveness, Bitterness, Judgement. The key is learning how to get rid of it in your life.
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What does the Bible say about, same-sex attraction, same-sex sexuality, and same-sex marriage?

A balanced practical response to the arising popularity of homosexual advocacy in the Western World.
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Fasting: what is it, how to

Allow me to share with you a biblical basis for fasting and prayer and help to equip you with practical tools (from my experience and the experience of others) as you prepare to walk in one of the most powerful spiritual disciplines found in the word of God.
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Shedding ideas about the Holy Spirit

When I first dedicated my life to God I heard about people experiencing miracles and the supernatural – but I was cautiously optimistic because I saw weird stuff – and it didn’t make sense to me. My journey ended up with me praying this prayer “God I want all that you have but nothing that’s...
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