Training Leaders

We train leaders to disciple

in person or online

Elevate your leaders ability to make disciples who make disciples by hosting a training event.  We start with the big ideas that provide a foundation for being a disciple-maker then provide the nitty gritty of day to day disciple-making. Single session, half day, full day, or multi day. In person, live online, or on demand.

Training Modules

Discipleship in Jesus' Day

Understand the heart behind Matthew 28:18-20 and the great commission from a first century perspective.

Discipleship in the Church

Understand how Jesus style discipleship impacted the church from the earliest moments, through the middle ages, the reformation, and to this day.

The Pathway of Discipleship

How do people grow in faith?  Where are they and how do we help them get to the next step?

Finding People

Finding the right types of people to be a part of your group.

Appropriate Care

How do you balance care for group members that operates within healthy boundaries?  When do you refer?

Reinventing Your Group

How do you relaunch a group that has finished a lifecycle and needs to be refreshed?

Discipleship Today

How the principles of discipleship apply today as we lead groups, home churches, and classes in our church.

The Environment of Discipleship

What types of groups are there and how do they work?  What type is best suited for our current context?

The Content of Discipleship

How do we know what to share with those we are leading, will teach and discuss?   Where do we find it?

Planning Gatherings

How do you plan a gathering that people want to attend over and over? 

Facilitating Discussion

How do you facilitate healthy vibrant discussion with people when you gather?

Ending Well

How do you end your group?  When is a naturally good time to do this?