training leaders to disciple

Host a workshop at your conference or church to elevate your leader’s ability to make disciples who make disciples.   Learn from someone who has personally discipled hundreds of new believers and church leaders in churches of all sizes. Single session, half day, full day, or multi day. 

Training Modules

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Disciple Making Foundations

There are many different definitions of discipleship. We unpack biblical discipleship and what it looks like today, no matter the setting. This foundation helps to set the stage for leaders to understand their role in multiplying disciples in your church. 

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The Pathway of Discipleship

How do people grow in faith?  Where are they and how do we help them get to the next step?  In this session we outline the stages of spiritual growth, what is needed in that stage of spiritual growth, environments for your group setting, and what resources and approaches can be used to help people in that stage.

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Establishing a Discipleship Culture

How do you develop a discipleship culture that is appropriate to your church?  What should a discipleship and integration path look like?  What models are available?  What environments make sense?  What is your leadership development path?  We will outline different models and provide practical examples of what that can look like for your church – whether your church is 50, 500, or 5000 people.

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Discipling Your Kids

In a busy, hectic, anti-faith world, how do you disciple your kids to be lifelong followers of Jesus?  What are the enemies of discipleship?  When do you model, teach, practice, and release?  What are the key topics to teach them and how do you do that in an interesting way?   What resources and approaches can you use to help them in their stage of growth?

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Leading a Group - Part 1

Learn to articulate the type of group you will lead and your role in that group.  Learn to find people for your group, plan vibrant gatherings, and facilitate discussion.

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Leading a Group - Part 2

Learn to build relationships in a group, establish appropriate care, find places to serve and be on a mission together, multiply your group, stop and start, reinvent your group, and end well when necessary.

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Discipleship Matrix For Kids & Youth Ministries

What does a discipleship pathway look like for kids and youth?  How do you lead a disciple-making culture that includes parents, leaders, and mentors?  What content should you consider using to enhance the overall experience with the goal of disciples making disciples?