Group Leader Training

Group, Home Church, and Discipleship Leaders

Customized to fit your system, goals, and culture.  We help you launch and support new leaders with the training, resources, and support you need.

1/2 Day Seminars

We help by offering a series of seminars and training for your leaders to help onboard and develop their capacity in your church.  These seminars are generally provided live online to help maximize your time and effectiveness.

Manual & Resources

We provide training manuals for all church group leaders as a reference guide that can be continually referred to throughout the lifecycle of their group.

Training Modules Available

We help to customize onboarding and ongoing training for your church leaders.

Discipleship in Jesus' Day

Understand the heart behind Matthew 28:18-20 and the great commission from a first century perspective.

The Pathway of Discipleship

How do people grow in faith?  Where are they and how do we help them get to the next step?

The Environment of Discipleship

What types of groups are there and how do they work?  What type is best suited for our current context?

Finding People

Finding the right types of people to be a part of your group.

Facilitating Discussion

How do you facilitate healthy vibrant discussion with people when you gather?

Appropriate Care

How do you balance care for group members that operates within healthy boundaries?  When do you refer?

Ending Well

How do you end your group?  When is a naturally good time to do this?

Reinventing Your Group

How do you relaunch a group that has finished a lifecycle and needs to be refreshed?

Discipleship Today

How the principles of discipleship apply today as we lead groups, home churches, and classes in our church.

The Content of Discipleship

How do we know what to share with those we are leading, will teach and discuss?   Where do we find it?

Planning Your Group

Creating a plan for launching and building your group from conception to celebration.

Planning Your Gathering

What do you do when people arrive?  What do you do when they are there?  When do they leave?

Building Relationship

How do you facilitate relationship building that moves beyond the surface.


How and where do you connect your group to opportunities to serve together?

Multiplying Your Group

How do you setup your group to launch other groups out of it?

Aligning with Church Rhythms

What does your church calendar look like?  How do you align your group around the church calendar?

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