a proven path to see believers grow as mature disciples

31 Lessons

Designed around a topic with a key thought, scripture, teaching, discussion questions, faq, and personal application.  Serves as a summary that mentors can expand on as desired. 

Easy to Use

Follow the lesson plan as it is or add additional content to make it your own.  Use it in order or in your own order.  Use it for a few weeks up to an entire year.

Common Language

Difficult topics are simplified using everyday language and divided in sections and topics.  Using the summaries, you can expand on the topics as needed.


Share in a solid foundation of faith that will help solidify a new believers journey through all the stages of life.

Topics & Chapters

Starting Out

  • Message
  • Baptism
  • Spirit


  • Quiet Time
  • Prayer
  • Reading the Bible
  • Studying the Bible


  • Identity
  • Purpose
  • Overcoming Evil
  • Healing
  • Wise Choices
  • Money


  • Relationships
  • The Church
  • Your Story
  • Disciple-Making


  • The Bible
  • Creeds
  • God
  • Realms
  • Angels & Demons
  • Humanity
  • Sin
  • Salvation

Bible Storyline

  • Beginnings
  • Israel
  • Jesus
  • Church
  • Future


new believers, foundations, membership, leadership, christian schools, bible colleges and more


equip leaders to facilitate conversations through a balanced curriculum that can be used for more than a year as a launching pad to more – micro groups, small groups, community groups, interest groups, and more

church wide

get everyone on the same page by launching a culture of disciple-making using lessons as discussion points for a year long sermon series

Q & A

Is this a book that I can read through on my own?

Yes, however the book is primarily designed as a tool to be used in a class, group, or one-on-one mentoring environment.  While the book is designed as a tool to help you cover a comprehensive number of topics by providing a good overview, discussion questions, and faq – the real power is when a mentor shares with you how they have applied the concepts from their life.

How long does it take to go through the book?

Since there are so many topics covered, we have found that it is better to go through the book one chapter a week.  In this way, it gives the learner time to process and apply the concepts before moving on to another chapter.  At that rate, you can go through the book in 30 weeks.  However, we have found that the book can be used over the course of an entire church year, giving breaks for holidays.

What theological perspective is behind the book?

The book would appeal to anyone from a non-denominational, pentecostal, charismatic, or progressive baptist background.  On key topics the teaching encourages adult baptism, an involved and active Holy Spirit, and an open view of eschatology.

What's Next?

After a year’s journey, believers can continue to grow in their understanding of faith by taking what they have learned and discipling someone else.  The goal is not simply an increase of knowledge or a change in behavior, but maturity that is ready to invest in someone else.


  • Do you ever wish you could have a map that would help you navigate the complexities of life? Fortunately, we have such a gift in the Bible. Although we know this, the challenge for many of us is how to read, interpret, and apply it. This book will help you figure that out. This book will not tell you what to think but will help you learn how to apply the timeless Truths found in God’s Word for yourself. I highly recommend it for anyone who is looking to go deeper in their faith.

    Bill Markham
    Lead Pastor, Central Community Church
  • Jon has spent the majority of his life being discipled and discipling others. He is a trusted and respected pastor, leader and teacher. As such, he has taken great strides in creating a guide for churches to utilize in their mandate to “make disciples.” This is a compelling journey that increases the passion of a new follower of Christ to lean in hard to the truths of the teachings of the Bible. This is a timely wake up all for the church to return to the basics of faith and to the intimacy of following Jesus Christ

    Mark Collins
    WOD Leadership Coach