A new way to do church

If you track the way church has operated for hundreds of years, you will see striking similarities.  


In structure there is always a leader or group of leaders (sometimes appointed, sometimes elected), then successive levels of leaders who are tasked with various responsibilities or tasks that fit within the desired scope of the primary leaders of the church.  Leaders often set the focus or emphasis for a particular time for the church.  You can see the results of this trajectory in the churches systems, services, and programs. 


There are always a set way of accomplishing things in the church that form the culture of the church.  Sometimes these methods are written and sometimes they become oral tradition.  These methods generally form how a church does what it does.  This can include finances, policies, procedures, etc.


There are always big gatherings of the entire community that happen frequently (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly) consisting of all those who call the particular church home.  The nature, purpose, and composition of services often differ from one community to another as determined by the primary leader(s).


There are always a variety of programs that churches employ for purposes of bible study, prayer, relationship, serving (in the church, and in the community) that are tailored to different ages.  Programs can differ from place to place.  Some choose small groups, demographic based ministries, events, etc.

Here’s the point.  There isn’t any one way to operate as a church.  Please do not suggest a structure, systems, services, or programs is divine in nature.  See them as preferences.  Recognize they may be what’s best for your community at this time – but not always.  That will open you up to seeing the possibility of what could be in five years from now – or next week.

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