New Leader Orientation


Thank you for choosing to serve at our church!!!

As a member of our church, you are familiar with our statement of faith, constitution, mission, vision, and values. It would be good at this time to review them again to see if you agree with them.

If you do, we are happy that you are on this journey to serve others. This teaching is an orientation that all our leaders go through before they take on their roles.

We hope you enjoy it!!!

What is a leader?

There are many definitions of a leader. In a broad way, a person who exercises influence is a leader. All of us lead something or have led something. In our relationships, at home, at work, or in our community.

In our church, we see all we do through the lens of disciple-making. For that reason, we define a leader as a person who is helping others grow as a disciple of Jesus. This can include those who teach kids and adults, mentor youth, lead a small group, serve on a decision-making team, lead us in worship, etc.

It can also include those who lead a team to accomplish a particular role in our church. This can include those who lead our guest services team, maintenance team, hospitality team, etc. While those who oversee these teams are focused on a task, the task is not primary. Helping those they lead to grow to be more devoted followers of Jesus is their primary role.

Our ultimate goal is to become servant leaders who model a Godly life and humbly put others first. Why? Leaders reproduce in others who they are.

We have all had good and bad models of leadership in our life. Take a moment to list all the examples and qualities of a good leader and a bad leader you have experienced.


At our church, we are very clear about the way we are structured. This structure does not indicate the level of importance that someone has in our church. It simply helps communicate roles, responsibilities, accountability, and boundaries as we work together.

  • Team Members
  • Leaders
  • Pastors
  • Lead Pastor
  • Board

Are You Ready?

All of us are on the trajectory of growth as followers of Jesus. As we move towards influencing others there are many factors that play a part in our readiness to lead at different levels. Do you have the character, chemistry, capacity, and support for the role you will be leading?


  • Are you growing to reflect the fruit of the Spirit in your life?
  • What is your reputation like inside and outside the church?
  • Is your life in order?
  • Does your life model what you are leading?
  • Are you prone to leading your own vision or aligning with the vision of our church?


  • Do you connect and get along with the people you will be leading or are there unresolved issues?
  • Do you speak the same language, share the same values, are headed in the same direction?
  • Are you a member? Are you in agreement with our statement of faith, constitution, vision, mission, and values?


  • Do you have any questions about the responsibilities of the role?
  • Do you have the skills needed for the role?
  • Do you have the experience required to do the role?
  • Do you have the time required for the role?


  • Is your spouse in agreement of your role?
  • Does your family support your time commitment for the role?

You may be ready to lead one area of our church and not another. What do you think? Are you ready to lead?


At our church there are different paths you can take after taking this orientation.

A. Wait

You may be asked to work on growing in your own life to see character, capacity, chemistry or support increase first.

B. Mentor / Shadow

You may be asked to shadow another leader as an assistant for a period of time. This helps to grow your readiness for what you will eventually lead.

C. Begin to lead

If you are ready to lead, you will be asked to complete one of the following areas of orientation: board leadership, kids leadership, group leadership, youth leadership, worship leadership.


Our church employs the following process for all our leaders.


You will receive a written role description to provide clarity for you about expectations related to requirements, time commitment, parameters, outcomes, and support pastor. At this time you can commit to a particular period of time.


Your coach/pastor will communicate with those necessary to introduce you into your new role.


You are invited to connect with your support coach/pastor at any time for any reason. You are also invited to join our church leadership meetups.

Removal / Relieved / Renewal

If you need to be removed / relieved from your role for whatever reason personal to you or our church it will be handled with grace by your supporting coach/pastor. Your role will be renewed on an annual basis.

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