church coaching


serving churches from 50 – 5000, not-for-profits with a purpose, and for profit organizations 


the utmost confidentiality and protection for the pastor and leadership team


creative and time tested solutions tailored to fit your culture, vision, timeline, and challenges

project by project

we come alongside to help you plan and build the church you lead

Complete Church Evaluation

We work with you to do a deep dive of all of your church systems and provide a comprehensive evaluation of where you are as a church community.  This includes speaking to your leadership team, staff, leaders, and surveying regular attenders.  In some cases, it may also include a survey of the local community.  A written report is generated and presented to your leadership team. The length of this evaluation depends on the size and complexity of your church community. 


We help you assess and build integrated church systems that are aligned with your mission and vision.  Mission, engagement, discipleship, relationship, volunteer, leadership, discipleship, multiplication, stewardship.

Dashboard & Rhythm Creation

We help to design a dashboard to help you assess where you are at in any given time.  We help you establish natural rhythms based on your organizational capacity and strategic planning.


We work with you to build a discipleship pathway of spiritual growth from first time decision, baptism, new believers classes, and spiritual formation journey in classes and groups, to being a discipler of others.

Issue Evaluation

We invest time in helping you understand in order to overcome a particular obstacle or barrier in your church.  This requires some evaluation to obtain clarity but also includes strategy and a pathway for execution.

Staff Development & Coaching

We help you assess the state and capacity of your team.  We help you bring realignment, training, and coaching for each team member.

Staff Days & Meetings

We are available for staff meetings and staff days to provide leadership development training based on the needs of your organization.


We help you articulate how you will fulfill your mission, how you will measure it, who does what, in order to provide clarity and focus in your organization.