inner healing
grayscale photo of a statue
Have you ever wanted to see God face to face?  I know that many people don’t believe God exists because they haven’t seen or touched Him.  We know of course that just because you can’t see something – doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.  We can’t see or feel gravity, love, or many other things.  We…...
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photo of head bust print artwork
As believers, our mind is moving to a place of being able to think as God thinks, of seeing and understanding the truth, and of being able to walk in the wisdom and understanding of God. Our mind (physical brain) receives and processes information from the outside world and our past experience – then helps…...
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rear view of a silhouette man in window
How we respond to rejection matters.  Here are three negative ways: Unforgiveness, Bitterness, Judgement. The key is learning how to get rid of it in your life.
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