What does your church playbook look like?

As you grow from a small church to a big church, it is important that your church moves from an auditory culture to a written culture. I suggest putting together a playbook so everyone gets and stays on the same page.

Small churches stay small because everything is done by a few people who have a way how they like to get things done. No one can take over because no one knows what Mrs Smith and Mr Jones does – and how they do it. If those individuals are on vacation then things just don’t get done.

In order for you to grow your team of volunteers and leaders it is important to begin to write down what you do and how you do it. Here are a few reasons why this is important.

Clarity – When things are written down, it creates alignment across the team. Expectations are understood and met from the beginning. How can a person know what you want and how you want things done unless you write it out?

Teamwork – Everyone knows what needs to be done and how they fit into the overall picture. This allows new team members to get involved and up to speed quickly. It also allows for annual changes to improve using suggestions from team members on the ground.

Simplification – As soon as you write things down you can become as general or as detailed as you would like. The temptation is to create a culture of excellence and be detailed about everything. Writing things out causes you to measure your expectations against reality. It causes you to think through what you are doing, what is necessary, and what isn’t.

How do I build a playbook?

I have attached a template here for your consideration. Feel free to edit it as you see fit. Add areas and take away areas. If you need help feel free to contact us.

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