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Employee Performance Survey & Review





“Produce other leaders, create momentum and deliver measurable goals”

The objective of the yearly review meeting is to foster a two way dialogue and stimulate thought and best practices. The purpose is to assess that the critical success factors have been achieved and to create an effective action plan moving forward. The review should:

• Be in a private, comfortable and relaxed setting (schedule 1.5 hours)
• Address areas that are for the mutual growth of the individual
• Ensure there are no surprises at this meeting
• Be an open and honest discussion that is facilitated in love, administered in respect and based on trust
• Identify personal and corporate goals “rocks”

“Rocks” – that which is critical, vital, priorities, where you will invest your energy, time and resources
“Drive” – subject matter expertise, the “it” factor” as a leader, talent, passion and energy
“Lift” – fruit, the ability to produce and the ability to re-produce other leaders

0. Alignment

I have read the employee handbook.  I continue to subscribe with the organizational statement of faith, vision, mission, and values articulated in our handbook.

Comment on your compliance with our policies and procedures. Please comment on areas you think should be changed, enforced or added.

1. Character
How would you rate your current level of personal development in character and attitude?
(Rate from 1-5 where 1 = high and 5 = low)

______ I walk in integrity
______ I exhibit excellence in all I do
______ I am positive
______ I am hardworking
______ I am flexible
______ I am trustworthy
______ I can admit my mistakes
______ I thrive in stressful situations
______ I am easy to get along with

Comment on your areas of strength and weakness related to the leadership qualities and attitudes you possess.

Comment on your contribution to good relationships with managers, fellow employees, people we served, and in community in general.  In what area are you strong?  In what area can you grow?

2. Competency / Skillset
I have adequate training and experience to lead my area of assignment. I clearly understand how to fulfill my role (philosophy, experience). I can articulate this to align with our vision and communicate it to those I lead.

How would you rate your current level of effectiveness as a leader; identify milestones, achievements and growth over the past 12 months? What “drive” and “lift” have you provided? What areas need to be developed?

How would you assess the overall health and progress of your department over the last 12 months? Were your success factors achieved – why or why not?

How would you assess the overall health and progress of your role over the last 12 months? Were your success factors achieved – why or why not?

Skillsets (Rate from 1-5 where 1 = high and 5 = low)

_____ Communication: The skillful expression, transmission and interpretation of knowledge and ideas

_____ Administration: The ability to see the future and supervise in the completion of tasks and fulfillment of goals.

_____ Research & Planning: The search for specific knowledge and the ability to conceptualize future needs and solutions for meeting those needs.

_____ Human Relations: The use of interpersonal skills for resolving conflict, relating to and helping people – management, peers, direct reports, customers, donors, volunteers.

3. Development (resources, training, materials, coaching)
My job description is clear.  I feel that I fulfilled what I was called to do.

How can we assist you in developing your leadership skills to become more effective?

What can we do to support you in your role better?

4. Personal Satisfaction
(Rate from 1-5 where 1 = high and 5 = low)

______ How meaningful is your work?
______ How challenging is your job?
______ How well are your paid for the work you do?
______ How much do your opinions at work matter to others?
______ How realistic are your supervisors expectations?
______ How are you treated by your supervisor?
______ Are you supervised too much or too little at work?
______ Are you satisfied with your job?
______ How proud are you of your employers brand?

______Organizational Satisfaction


______Support Staff (HR, Accounting, Communication, Facilities, etc.)

What personal and departmental “rocks” will you carry over the next 12 months? Identify 3-5 for each.



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